Beach Information

Please note: Parking is limited.

Rules are strictly enforced.

Little Sandy is the first beach along the inner harbor---an ideal spot for small children to play in the shallow water and look for shells, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and periwinkles. Watch out for the red jellyfish which deliver mild stings; the clear jellyfish are harmless. You are encouraged to supervise children closely, because the water gets deep suddenly as you wade farther from shore.

Crescent Beach
is on the Buzzards Bay side. This beach has slightly coarser sand, ranging from medium to coarse-grained sand with cobbles. The width of the beach on this side of the Knob decreases from east to west. Please use only the official trail with the stairs to get to and from the beach.

Fishermen’s Beach is covered with oysters at low tide. Looking up, you can see how foot traffic has eroded the banks and exposed the roots of the trees. Use the Harbor Cliff Trail to leave the beach and please do not climb the banks. There is no trail along the beach past this point!

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